Walter Brown Jungala

Title: Tingari Dreaming, Size 900x1200


Tingari Dreaming:

This painting depicts a portion of the Tingari cycle, a very important collection of Dreaming narratives from the Western Desert region. The country that this painting depicts is located far to the west of Yuendumu, and spans a vast area of land across the Gibson and Great Sandy Deserts in Western Australia. Aboriginal groups that paint the Tingari cycle include the Pintupi, Kukatja, Ngarti, and Walmajarri peoples, among others.

Traditional iconography is used to represent the Dreamings, associated sites, and other elements of the Tingari cycle. In many paintings of these narratives, concentric circles represent soakages, rockholes, ancient wells, and other water features. Lines indicate rainfall and grasses that provide edible seeds after the rain, or routes taken by the Tingari as they travelled. People are represented by semi-circles. Sets of circles can represent the body-designs of the older men who are painting the bodies of the younger men, often represented as smaller circles

Artist's Language/Country:  Warlpiri/ Nyirripi, NT, NT; Born: 14/02/1977  
Painted:  2023/Code:  PPFA2021-702
Medium: Acrylic on Belgian linen.
Certificate of Authenticity, Holding Photo, Signed on back


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