Born:  1958, Daly River, NT

Language Group:  Batjamal

Country:  Bulgul, NT


Rosemary McCarthy Morgan (Rose) also known as Parrabatj, was born in Daly River in the Northern Territory in 1958. Daly River is a small township of around 500 people, adjacent to the Daly River near Katherine, and about 220 km from Darwin. The Daly River flows hundreds of miles from the Torres Strait though the area around Katherine and Tennant Creek, gradually fading into the desert.

Rosemary was raised by her father and went to school at St Francis Xavier in Darwin.  She did her secondary schooling at St John's College.

After leaving school, Rosemary returned to Daly River where she worked in several different roles from bank teller, school secretary and payroll manager to health care worker. In 1997, Rose relocated to Batchelor to care for her father eventually taking him back to country in the Bulgul Community, on the coast north of the Daly River.  She continues to live there today.  

Rose began her artistic carer at Daly River.  She did small paintings initially, some of which were used to raise funds for the local school.  As with many Aboriginal women, Rose found she not only loved painting, she had a natural gift for composition and fine dot work.  She is developing a strong artistic reputation for her interpretation and depiction of her grandfather’s story. 

She painted alongside her sisters, Agatha Ngakmik Morgan and Marjorie Terrikil Morgan. Rose’s nieces, Helen Tyalmuty McCarthy and Kerry Madawyn McCarthy, are also highly regarded artists, with Helen receiving the People's Choice Award at the 2007 Telstra’s.