Yannima Tommy Watson

Title: Pirurpa Kalarintja, Size 900x1020


Dreaming: This painting is a lyrical depiction of the country around the area of Tommy's birth.   He travelled widely in a nomadic lifestyle in his early years and this painting is associated with an area around an important water source, the Rockhole of Wipu.  Although associated, he includes no identifiable iconographic form or colour in his work that could give the uninitiated insight into sacred ritual knowledge.  Instead, as in this case, the titles of Tommy's paintings describe places or encounters of personal and private significance, which he did not share or expand upon.

Artist's Language/Country: Pitjantjatara /Irrunytju WA.  Born:  Anumarapiti, west of Irrunytju. Life c. 1935 - 2017.  Read artists bio.

Painted:  2010/Code:  PPFA2021-661
Medium: Acrylic on Belgian linen. 
Working photographs and Certificate of Authenticity.


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